Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I wanna do a review/recap? of last year and post my resolutions for this year but I think I should just keep it to myself.

I wish someone tell me before that its okay to pursue anything you want in life (as long as you work hard in order to be successful). Somehow, Malaysians have this stereotype which your kids should do either medicine or engineering or actuarial science after SPM. I don't deny that Malaysia needs doctors and engineers in order for us to become more developed and competent with other countries but other fields should be taken into account like economics for example. Okaylah I gotta to give some credits to future and already-become doctors and engineers, you guys are smart. Smart enough to meet the requirements and pass your exams with flying colours and graduated from your program :)

I wish I was exposed to other fields before making my own choice back then. I wish I get more insights on different field. Sometimes, being smart doesn't mean your options is limited to only medicine and engineering. It also depends on the persons interest and aptitude. In the end of the day, money and prestige will come once you are successful in what you do (of course, money and prestige are subjective and everyone is entitled to their own opinion). Tengok chef wan. He is the living proof of what I said earlier. You guys should read his facebook updates. Serious rasa inspired and motivated tau. In Japan and US, the students do consult with their counselor for their choice of major in university and which uni they go to *this is based on dramas I watched :P*. Teenagers need guidance from adults for big decisions in life. Instead, we, Malaysians looked for scholarships available and make our decision from there. I don't blame Malaysians for that because tertiary education here is very costly.

In conclusion, I believe other fields can contribute to the nation as big as contributions from medical and engineering field. People's mindset should be changed. Go! Explore what life has to offer before you settle down and make your own choice!