Thursday, February 21, 2013

transition part 2

i think transition is still apt for this entry..hence, part 2

most of my peers have achieved a lot in life at this stage of life. i have always been outside, looking in, you know. having fun in observing people but i dunno how to respond/react most of the time. its time to break out of the mould. slowly and slowly. i realize another particular weakness of mine is giving shallow answers. to be honest, i don't mean to come across as a shallow person but that what comes to my mind. i toned down a lot compared to the old days. somebody seriously need to teach me some socializing 101 or code of conduct to deal with strangers. but then again, its not something that can be learn from textbook but it is rather a long journey of dealing with people. i shall bear in mind that i must give better and more solid answers in future. i must! family is definitely my biggest critics. lol

the beauty of meeting different people is the dynamics and the vibe u got from them. it is just contagious. those people that i know since we were kids have grown up becoming more refined and i, am still like this. gahh...daunting indeed. there must be a reason why our path crossed again after all these years, isn't it?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

niece says #3


" i need my brother. without him we cant be a family "


niece : my first *motioned to angry birds catapult and mind you, the first one is a normal lastik and now the catapult has fully upgraded to electronic with lighting and music* has broken.
me : its okay, grandpa can fix it.
niece : no, my dad can't fix it (2x)
me : dont worry, grandpa can fix it.
grandpa : i can fix it for you, *niece's name*.


me : hello *niece's name*
niece : hello aunty nur
me : how are you?
niece : good
me : what is your mum doing?
niece : she is packing some stuffs
me : what is *nephew's name* doing?
niece : he is playing angry birds
me : what are you doing?
niece : talking to you *while playing with her toys and wont say she is busy*

Saturday, February 16, 2013

transition to adulthood


in my family eyes, i am forever the baby in the family. now, i feel..old when my peers getting engaged, married and giving birth and started working and dealing with uncomfortable situations/problems in matured way. i am happy with the way i am now and my life progress so far. everything happens for a reason. i am happy that i have been given ample time to improve myself and still improving before becoming an employee or whatever huge event will happen in my life one day. shall cherish every time that passes by as it will never be the same after this. gone were the days of being carefree (less, to be exact). gone were the days buying ridiculous stuffs such as collecting the whole series of pokemon sticker :P. taste is getting more refined. the end *in niece's voice* better refrain now or otherwise it will become more shallow :P


one keyword : professional. face, po po poker face. i hate it when i wear my heart on my sleeves which makes me vulnerable to other people. sigh. but hey, at least i am professional enough to put my personal views aside and embrace the situation. i bet more to go in future. hahaha. be cool, yo! networking is getting more crucial at this stage of life.....


anyway, not all things are perfect. my new resolution for this year is less cursing. hahaha. yeah, you heard me. so far, my progress is good. i manage to hold my tongue most of the time unless if i am super pissed. well, you know what people say on hell hath no fury like a women scorned :P i ran into a small problem with a famous aviation company which-shall-not-be-named and Alhamdulillah, it is already settled. thanks to the bank staffs (maybe thats why its easier to get through them cos people barely complains). i learn that not everyone/everything is perfect and its up to you whether you are able to tolerate them/it after its over. after being at peace with everything, i begin to appreciate small, tiny, little things in life :) 

Friday, February 8, 2013

niece says #2

i seldom talk to niece nowadays cos getting adequate sleep is more important to me. hehehe. well, niece has grow up a lot and it is fun observing her progress :D


me : how old are you, *insert niece's name*?
niece : i am 4 years old but i am going to be 5 in june.

now she knows the concept of months and eager to be older unlike in the past.


while niece munching coco pops.....

me : what are you eating?
niece : im eating coco pops. it gives me energy so that i become healthy.


me : so tell me, what did you guys do in london?
niece : we went to hotel...
me : and play angry birds
niece : *collapsed in embarrassment :D

Friday, February 1, 2013

niece's words

my niece says a lot of interesting stuffs. we, sometimes are surprised with her words. 


niece : i am *insert her real name* . i am a big girl now. 
me : how old are you, *her name* ?
niece : i am three years old.



during raya open house at parents friend's house, she was 3 at that time

uncle : what do you want to be when you grow up?
niece : a princess!


when me and my sisters were hanging out

me : *her name* must've missed grandpa a lot.
niece : all the time...

i seriously did not expect her to respond because she was playing at that time.


i was wearing mask and it was close to bedtime
my sis : who's that, *niece's name* ? *motioned to the screen*
niece : its aunty nur ghost! 
my sis : aunty nur is wearing makeup
me : your mum wears these too
niece : no, mum always pretty.
me : *pokerface*