Tuesday, March 12, 2013

week 2

can you feel the heat? omggg. the whole new rules and regulations in our uni system freaks everyone out. we will definitely pass all the units and graduate on time. damn stress wei. when sigma one is vertical, its normal fault. sigma 2 for strike slip and sigma 3 for thrust fault. ahhh sudahhh... apakah yang aku merepek ni?

luckily the subber has finished subbing running man. there goes my weekly dose to keep myself balanced :D watching running man also reminds me of geology since they were rowing at the sea cave in vietnam. you guys should watch it. it is sososososo pretty. ahh line sangat laju apabila semua org dah tidur and im still restless. gotta try to sleep since niece asked me to go to bed now. hahahahaha