Friday, December 31, 2010

of reflection and revival

to be honest with you, i feel like i have become a different person. i vow to no longer live wallowing in self-pity. i had remorse (it just cross my mind occasionally) but no worries, i am at peace now. epiphany shuts down the remorse i had. my friend said i need love. haha. she is right, who doesnt? of course nothing beats having someone who completes you :P i found love in watching jdramas, kdramas, movies, reality tv shows (running man is my new addiction!) food and being around the world. thanks familia for making the last part happen :) i really want to go to harry potter park in florida. next year will see a new me embarking new journey. i am an optimistic person but there is limit that i can withstand, you know.

i have been thinking for quite some time. its not that i dont want to blog but i dont have the muse to blog about. my life is monotonous. unless you found love in stuffs i stated above, you might not be bored with me :P thats why i cringed and ended up deleting my blog posts. so, i decided to do project 365 for 2011 :) cheers to me!

Monday, January 25, 2010


"every successful person has a painful story, every painful story has successful ending. accept the pain and get ready for success because HE always knows.usaha.doa.tawakal equals najah" excerpt from hibrul ummah 1st edition under kata mereka column by kakak conventional tahun 3

i make that phrase as facebook status earlier. then, i decided once again to paste it here to preserve this comfort word justice. i found these phrase very comforting even after i keep re-read it again and again :) i hope you guys share the same sentiment like i do.