Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year!

2012 is a better year compared to before. i'll be done with this by end of next year, InsyaAllah. time flies so fast! i'll try to be more fit, read more and strive for excellence for this year :)

updated :

new year begins. as i grow up, i begin to reflect my actions in life. rasa macam bodoh gaduh dengan orang dulu2 over silly reasons. if i have the chance to meet them again, i hope we no longer harbor the same feeling back then, instead, lets be civil and bury the hatchet. one thing i have to constantly remind myself : it is okay that you can't get along with everyone. it is okay. now, i am trying to make effort to rekindle friendship. since i am kinda lost here. yela, perempuan bila dah ada boyfriend pun susah nak spend time with girlfriends apatah lagi bila dah kahwin and ada anak :P

its going to be a challenging year for me. its make or break this time. my capability is going to be fully tested. InsyaAllah i can make it. Amin :-) If i can make it this year, why can't i for this time? work hard, PLAY HARDER! that should be our motto in life. hahahahaha