Saturday, December 15, 2012

rainbow sighting #2

rainbow is one of things that i love apart from heart shape :P this pic is taken by yours truly during recent trip to mulu national park. we were lucky to see rainbow on top of bat exodus on our 2nd visit. lucky to be there on the right time since now is rainy season :-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

don't be dismayed at goodbyes. a farewell is necessary before you can meet again. and meeting again, is certain for those who are friends 

Friday, October 12, 2012

running man tee

Nowadays i tend to do online shopping a lot. Honest much? :P Nothing much that I can shop here. Even when I asked the locals where u guys buy ur stuff, their replies were "oh, beli kat kl la" or "online blogshops/websites". It is inevitable :P Back to the point of the story now... I have always been a fan of running man but not the extreme type lah. I follow the eps religiously and nothing more, nothing less okay :D Keep seeing a lot of RM merchandises (esp t-shirts and name tag) but nothing caught my eye until I saw those designs from RMism....

from RMism fb page
It is so cute and the RMism team depicts them very well. When you see the cartoon, you know its them! anddd it does not scream "I am a running man fan" unless you watch running man :D Thats what i like about this tees. Even my friends are oblivious to my t-shirt design. A subtle message indeed. To be honest, I am tempted to buy either Kookie's or Grasshopper's or Gary's tee in the beginning. However, since I like all of the characters (more towards I don't know which one to choose) so i ended up buying the tee with all of the characters inside. I got mine in bright pink (supposed to be in magenta shade but now no more available). Oh well, imma girl. I can rock this color :D

Overall, I really like my tee. I wore mine straightaway after I received my parcel :D Good quality, cool design and fast response from the RMism team whom based in Singapore. Highly recommended to buy from them. Check out more products at their facebook page ( Am lazy to do the name linking one ;) Will definitely buy their t-shirts in the future *contemplating which one to buy again* :P 

Monday, July 9, 2012

of gratitude and inspired

Finally, I feel like the world has smiled upon me. So far, 2012 has been the Renaissance for me. I am thankful, grateful and more happier than ever. InsyaAllah, i hope this will not end up in this part of my life.

Alhamdulillah, assimilation has been smooth sailing but i still have long way to go. Sometimes, i feel like i am a shapeshifter. A good one, i have to add. Hehee. Nevertheless, its good to get to know more people from different backgrounds. I just love it when people talk about their hope and aspirations. It is interesting to hear people's insights and their point of views. There are so much stuff to digest and absorb. Am I being too frank here? :P The passion that i felt makes me want to work hard (AND PLAY HARDER during holidays :P) and improve myself. In a way, it is also a gauge on one's future. Pedigree, without any doubt can push you to another level but in the end of the day, its you who are the determining factor. Otherwise, how can those stories from rags to riches came from :) 

People has always been the source of strength and inspiration. So does for style. Look good = feel good. Before this, I don't understand why my sister(s) are vain about their appearance (i just let them be! hahaha) and squinting their eyes at my choice of apparels sometimes (sisters! goshh... i am still young! hahaha) but now I get the whole concept. Dressing well is important because sometimes, you might bump into unexpected people at unexpected place. Plus, it is included in people assessment of your first impression. You definitely don't want to be on wrong foot (like meeting parents of your partner for the first time. hahahaha). I know there is a proverb on don't judge a book by its cover, but in reality people do judge a book by its cover. An ugly truth, yes. It is time to curate my wardrobe and see what I have first before running off shopping aimlessly :P

There is a lot to be thankful for. To be able to breathe, to have a roof over my head, not famished, sempurna  tubuh badan and the list goes on and on. Sometimes, we forget to be grateful over small things in life...

Monday, July 2, 2012

new passport, new adventure

old passport has served me well with full of stamps and every stamp has its own story. one thing that i am certain of, i will hardly see one particular stamp on my new passport :P kalau korang berhasrat nak travel within one day tapi baru sedar passport expired pun boleh because now imigresen siapkan passport within an hour. hehe

Alhamdulillah, God has given me chance to travel to different parts of the world and met new people along the way *background verse - its a small world after all (from disneyland rides)* i am looking forward to travel with my new passport :)

its an open secret that i am still a kid trap in an adult body. people wont take me seriously because i still dress like a kid most of the time. oh well, who wants to be old too fast, right? :P niece says i am her favorite aunt. i gotta tell you, it helps being a big baby. hehehe

niece in lego formula 1 car at legoland windsor
wanna go here because i am a kid by heart :D
takde geng la nak pergi sini. waaaaaa. if anyone plan nak pergi sini, please give me a holler. first legoland to be opened in asia and definitely lagi besar daripada universal studios singapore *kelebihan utama membina theme park di Malaysia disamping kos penyelenggaraan yang murah disebabkan oleh matawang*

another place i dream of going are disney world and universal studios florida. okaylah, disneylands concept are more or less the same with its other branches but you just can't help to visit all of them if possible. the last time i went there is when i was a kid. furthermore, florida is the main one. over betul aku menjustify diri sendiri again and again :P dah alang2 kat florida baik explore semua kan. hahahaha. actually, if i was given a choice between disneyland and universal studios, i will choose disneyland. we even skipped universal studios hollywood back then and no regrets. but i will not give florida a miss because of harry potter park. it gotta be cool seeing how they bring fiction into real life. i googled the harry potter park and it seems like nothing much. nevertheless, the experience seeing it first hand makes me wanna go there badly. i am a big baby through and through :D

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I wanna do a review/recap? of last year and post my resolutions for this year but I think I should just keep it to myself.

I wish someone tell me before that its okay to pursue anything you want in life (as long as you work hard in order to be successful). Somehow, Malaysians have this stereotype which your kids should do either medicine or engineering or actuarial science after SPM. I don't deny that Malaysia needs doctors and engineers in order for us to become more developed and competent with other countries but other fields should be taken into account like economics for example. Okaylah I gotta to give some credits to future and already-become doctors and engineers, you guys are smart. Smart enough to meet the requirements and pass your exams with flying colours and graduated from your program :)

I wish I was exposed to other fields before making my own choice back then. I wish I get more insights on different field. Sometimes, being smart doesn't mean your options is limited to only medicine and engineering. It also depends on the persons interest and aptitude. In the end of the day, money and prestige will come once you are successful in what you do (of course, money and prestige are subjective and everyone is entitled to their own opinion). Tengok chef wan. He is the living proof of what I said earlier. You guys should read his facebook updates. Serious rasa inspired and motivated tau. In Japan and US, the students do consult with their counselor for their choice of major in university and which uni they go to *this is based on dramas I watched :P*. Teenagers need guidance from adults for big decisions in life. Instead, we, Malaysians looked for scholarships available and make our decision from there. I don't blame Malaysians for that because tertiary education here is very costly.

In conclusion, I believe other fields can contribute to the nation as big as contributions from medical and engineering field. People's mindset should be changed. Go! Explore what life has to offer before you settle down and make your own choice!