Wednesday, April 17, 2013

have lotsa things to do but taking a break right now

hmm haven't blogged for so long. so many readings and works need to be done. andddd as a procrastinator, i dunno where to start. bahahahaha. to be honest, i feel burdensome when lecturer chose me to become the field trip group leader along with my 3 classmates. im just average. okay-okay only lah. im definitely not the most hardworking person in class, not the top scorer also. its daunting to be given a huge responsibility just because we were top 4 for geology 102. however, things happen for a reason. im just gonna follow the flow and I sincerely Thank Allah for giving me nice groupmates to work with. hopefully everything goes smoothly during field trip to Labuan. InsyaAllah. Amin :-) reading, reading and more reading to be continued.............

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