Saturday, September 21, 2013

its been a while

new sem often unfold another new story. well i have one more year to go and shall do my best within this time frame :-) man, i just hope i can nail this sem and subsequent sems :D become team leader again for field trip. prolly i should be grateful and honored that my lecturer gave me the opportunity to become one. buttt its overwhelming and lots of responsibilities comes with it. im nervous and scared since i have never been to kundasang and i am leading 3 seniors in my group. only me and my other friend are first timer going there. hopefully God eases everything, InsyaAllah. less than a week to go there.

everybody have their own path to walk on. trust me that you will be the happiest person in the world once you start accepting your fate and keep faith in God. of course there are regrets along the way, wondering what we could've been, what we could've become. but when you sit down quietly, you begin to realize why and why not. that will make you calmer and happier than ever :)


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